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Special Events

Loddon Coronation Celebrations

By Claire Preston

What a day it was! The sun was shining, the courts were looking fabulous and the energy was high at our first club event. We were all buzzing with excitement as we celebrated the crowning of King Charles, but that was just the start of the fun. We also got to share our passion for tennis and show off our newly refurbished courts to the community.

There were so many people on court, playing and making enquiries about everything we have to offer. It was fantastic to see the enthusiasm and energy of Paul, Kieran, Harriet, Joseph and Evelyn as they welcomed every new person who was keen to play. Seeing so many people enjoying themselves and giving it a go was truly heart-warming.

But that’s not all! We received so much positive feedback about our newly reformed courts, some people didn’t even realise we had a club. And the treasure hunt was a roaring success, with 36 prospective new members joining us!

The stall was definitely the place to be thanks to Helen, Harriet and Katie and their fantastic fundraising game. Rob and Richard were the ultimate hustlers, drawing lots of enthusiasm and funds to support future events. We raised an amazing £205.00 in total!

James and I had a blast helping out at this event, but we know not everyone could join in on the celebrations. However, we want to remind everyone that we are one club and one team, and we appreciate each and every one of you. Special thanks to Jules for keeping me in check, Richard in helping James set up the stand and also helping out both at the courts and stall. Betty, Jane and Alex for manning the stall, Jeannine and Carol for gaining donations for the treasure hunt, Helen Solomon for the fluffiest and yummiest cakes, and Lorraine for helping on court. You all made this day truly unforgettable!