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LTC Chairman’s Newsletter No.1

By Rik Balfour Club Chairman

Social Media

The American Football player Vernon Davis once said, “Be a leader, not a follower”.  Vernon had obviously never seen Loddon Tennis Club’s Facebook or Instagram accounts. We have an amazingly talented social media team, led by LTC’s Marketing and Website Editor, James Preston. If you any news, you can contact James at james@idesigns.ltd.uk. And, if you’re not a follower yet then please visit Loddon Tennis Club on Facebook and @loddontennisclub on Instagram for all the latest club news and events. As the Greek Philosopher Aristotle once said, “He who cannot be a good follower cannot be a good leader.”

Coach of the Month

Congratulations to the inaugural winner of LTC’s Coach of the Month Award, Paul Solomon. Thanks to Paul, Loddon Tennis Club was founded in June 2022 and by February 2023 it had won the prestigious Norfolk Club of the Year award. The incredible transformation of Loddon Tennis Club was thanks to Paul’s vision, hard work and productive partnership with Loddon Parish Council. Also, thanks to Paul, the club recently celebrated its 1st birthday with a charity day run by former GB players Danny Sapsford and James Auckland, which raised over £600 to help LTC run tennis sessions for players with Parkinson’s. If you’d like to join one of Paul’s fantastic sessions or book some coaching then please contact him at loddontennis@loddonpc.org.uk.

Safeguarding at Loddon Tennis Club by Jenny Pulfer

Tennis Safeguarding

As the new welfare officer at our club, I would like to take the opportunity to say hello. Safeguarding children, young people and adults at our club is extremely important to us all and hope that if you have any safeguarding concerns or questions within the club, please let me know.

You can contact me by email, loddontenniswelfare@loddonpc.org.uk or by telephone, 07743 939950.

Our commitment to providing a safe, inclusive environment is uppermost and all conversations will be treated in confidence. Best wishes to all of you, Jenny Pulfer.

Loddon Tennis Club Code of Conduct

Loddon Tennis Club Safeguarding Policy

Loddon Tennis Club Diversity & Inclusion Policy

Membership Benefits

The main reason to join Loddon Tennis Club is for the newsletter; which is surely destined to become one of the top 10 sports newsletters in the Loddon & Chedgrave area. But, if that’s not enough of a reason, you also get to use the courts free of charge throughout the year. You can also book on to our many club sessions including Junior Tennis sessions for all age groups; there are Ladies, Gents & Mixed club sessions; Short Tennis tournaments through the winter and Cardio Tennis, which is also available to non-members. The current Club Timetable is available here. To enquire about attending a session please contact club coach, Paul Solomon, at loddontennis@loddonpc.org.uk.

Tennis Leagues

Anyone know which tennis tournament never closes? It is of course, The U.S. Open.

Speaking of tournaments, have you ever wanted to arrange matches against other members of a similar standard? Now’s your chance! LTC are now launching Round 1 of their brand-spanking new internal box leagues in both a singles and doubles competition. The leagues will each contain 4 players (or doubles teams) playing in a round robin format over 6 weeks. The top and bottom ranked in each league are then promoted or relegated before Round 2 begins. The doubles competition can contain teams of any gender. The leagues are easy to enter, utilising the Lawn Tennis Association’s software. If you’d like to sign up for either or both leagues (I already have), you can register with the LTA and enter the box leagues here.

Also, the exciting news doesn’t stop there. LTC now have a Men’s and a Women’s team in the Norwich City Tennis Leagues. Matches recently gotten under way and I’ve heard that the matches have been competitive, great fun and played in a sporting spirit. Look out for some match reports coming your way soon…

If you have any questions on joining the internal box leagues, message me at my impressively long email address of loddontennischairperson@loddonpc.org.uk. Or, if you are interested in playing for the Loddon teams, please get in touch with Paul at loddontennis@loddonpc.org.uk.

Final Thought

I’m afraid that brings my inaugural newsletter to a close as I’ve just realised its my bed time. I’m sure you can guess what time that is? Yes, it’s tennish.