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LTC Chairman’s September Newsletter No.2

By Rik Balfour Club Chairman

Have You Got Balls?

If not, here’s your chance to win some. All you have to do is track down a headless, child-like mannequin dressed as a junior member of Loddon Tennis Club (LTC) who will be on display at this weekend’s 65 th Anniversary Loddon Flower Festival. The theme is Hobbies and Pastime, the dates are Friday 22nd till Sunday 24th September, the hours are 10am till 4pm and the venue is Holy Trinity Church, Loddon, NR14 6EY. The aforementioned headless, child-like mannequin will be surrounded by a most gorgeous tennis-themed flower display arranged by friend of LTC and flower arranger extraordinaire Maggie Scales. To win a tin of balls of your choice, take a photo of yourself at the display and either tag the Loddon Tennis Club Instagram account or send us the photo and the best picture over the weekend will win the balls.

Coach of The Month – Paul Solomon

Having won Coach of The Month in the inaugural LTC Chairman’s Newsletter, Paul must have thought his coaching career had peaked. So, I can only imagine how excited he’s going to be when he hears he’s bagged the award for the second month in a row!

With junior summer camps and the successful launch of a Walking Tennis session it’s been a successful summer for Paul, which was capped by the visit of LTA President, Sandi Procter. Sandi visited LTC to recognise the enormous contribution Paul has made in helping to found LTC in 2022 and transforming it into Norfolk’s 2023 Club of the Year.

It was a great honour for the club to host Sandi; she enjoyed watching LTC’s enthusiastic juniors in action and then joined LTC members for a Walking Tennis session. If you, or someone you know, would like to get involved in one of Paul’s sessions please email him at loddontennis@loddonpc.org.uk. You can view the current club timetable here .

Tennis Leagues

Congratulations to LTC’s men’s and women’s tennis teams for completing successful first seasons in the Norwich City Leagues. It was great to hear from both teams how much they enjoyed competing and how friendly, and sporting, the opposition teams were. The women’s team kicked off with some tough fixtures but picked up some great results in the second half of the season, which bodes well for 2024. The men’s team managed to win their division, which means they have now won promotion in every year since they entered the league in 2023.

But the game never stops and we’re now gearing up to play in the Norfolk Winter Leagues, which is a mixed competition played on Sunday mornings from October to March. If you’re interested in playing, please email Elaine Spencer at elaine2712@yahoo.co.uk. Fair weather players need not apply.
And, finally, LTC’s singles and doubles box leagues have just started Round 2, which will run until the end of October. If you’d like an opportunity to play against fellow members, please sign up here or email me on my delightfully succinct email address loddontennischairperson@loddonpc.org.uk.

Toilet Humour

I know I’ve mentioned it before but how fantastic are the courts looking these days. And we’re not finished yet; newer, better, more energy-efficient LED floodlights are on their way. But, on the subject of the courts, has anyone else noticed a girl standing in the middle of the tennis courts? The other day I asked what her name was. She replied, “Annette”.

Whilst on the subject of LTC’s facilities, I have a favour to ask. The nearest toilets to the court are, not particularly conveniently, located at the Staithe (and require a contactless payment of 20p). And, for the avoidance of any doubt, The Jub Hub is not a public toilet. However, I have it on good authority that if you support The Jub Hub and ask permission to use their toilets, it will not be a problem. If you’re not sure how to support them, my advice is to start with the BLT.

What’s Occurring?

Now, it’s time for an occasional feature I like to call, What’s Occurring? If you like your tennis, you may be interested to know that on Sunday October 15th, Norfolk tennis legend, and LTC committee member, Rob Atkinson is organising a mixed doubles Davis Cup-style tournament for LTC members. Space is limited to 8 men and 8 ladies, so if you’re interested move fast and message Rob on 07712 428255.

Whether you like your tennis or not, you may also be interested to know that our sporting neighbours, Loddon United Football Club will be hosting a Casino Night at The Jub Hub on Friday, October 13th. For tickets please contact info@loddonunited.co.uk. I’ll be there and if you’ve not met me before, please come and say hello, I’ll be the one wearing a black tuxedo and matching black headband.

Final Thought

Sadly, this brings me to the end of my 2nd newsletter. After all that typing, I’m pretty hungry so I’m off to McDonalds for a Big Tasty with Bacon and French fries. Of course, tennis trivia buffs will be well aware of the link between tennis and McDonalds… well, how else did you think they made French fries?